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About Me


My name is Ilaria.

I am a certified Breathwoker with Inspiration Consciousness School and have been studying and practicing Integrative Breathing for the last 6 years. I am also a certified Life Coach with New Ventures West and have a Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Psychology. I have been deeply involved with the Enneagram and the Gurdjieff Work for several years.

Each of these disciplines aims to help people uncover  the depths of who they are, become more mindful, and change habitual patterns.
My personal calling is to support and facilitate this process of becoming more aware of ourselves and of appreciating 

our gifts and our being to have a more fulfilling, exciting, and expansive life.

My Story

I was born in Rome, Italy. 

 I have been curious about the complexities of the mind and the depths of my inner world since I was a little kid. I always knew I wanted to study psychology. So, I did. Clinical Psychology was fascinating and yet, I felt it was missing something fundamental. Something about the embodiment of the understandings of oneself and others. I then started to study the Enneagram, a model of the human psyche which uses an ancient symbol to explain different ways of distorting what is essential in us.
The Enneagram seemed real to me, but I still felt there was more that I hadn't discovered yet. 

In 2012, love made me move to the United States unexpectedly. I landed in New York City that fall. A couple of months later I was starting an 8 week "Awakening" course in Baltimore based on Integrative Breathing, led by Jessica Dibb. I honestly thought it was weird and over the top. We were invited to become conscious of the breath at each and every class. We were invited to get in touch with our life force and to express it without shame, attachment, or fear. We were invited to be ourselves and to challenge the way we took ourselves to be.

It was astonishing and different from anything I had expected. 

I learned how to breathe consciously. I learned that things are not as they seem and that no matter how much we study and understand ourselves, we can't heal trauma if we don't express it physically, if we don't connect body, mind, and heart, and if we don't embody what we learn through practice. 
Breathwork has changed my life and made my understanding of the psychological realm so much deeper and complete. 

My hope is for breathwork to become an accessible tool for all, and for people to be curious enough to dive into practices like this, which help us process who we are and how we are made in an integrative and powerful way that is not limited to the cognitive level, but takes into consideration the human being as a complex whole.