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Breathwork is a powerful and transformative methodology, that uses conscious circular breathing, without pause between inhale and exhale, in order to activate our nervous system and let our bodies process and release the physical, emotional, and mental tensions we all carry. 

Breathwork is different from simply breathing, different from Pranayama and other breathing practices, and different from meditation.

It requires our active participation and partnership with the breath, it's cathartic, and it's the bridge between the conscious and the unsconscious.


Breath is life. It is fundamental for our survival. Breathing is part of the autonomic nervous system and it happens automatically. It should be efficient, and effortlessly nourishing every cell of our body.

Conscious Breathing is a powerful tool that helps us to relieve anxiety and stress, improve physical and emotional health, and restore balance in the organism.

Breathwork is a discipline that uses conscious circular breathing to explore the deeper layers of the psyche, and to integrate the functioning of body, mind, and heart.




Breathing is the vital process of moving air into and out of the lungs, bringing in oxygen and flushing out carbon dioxide.

Under normal circumstances, the breathing depth and rate is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Hence, we seldomly pay attention to it, and yet, breath is connected to everything we do and is with us in every moment of our lives. 
Breathing should be naturally efficient and effortless, but unfortunately the experiences of our lives affect it to the point that most of us have become dysfunctional breathers.

Have you ever noticed that your breath is often shallow and doesn't have much aliveness to it? Or that you might stop breathing when scared or when trying not to cry? Have you noticed how you might hold your belly in when you are inhaling? Or that you breathe only in your chest and shoulders, creating tension in your body?
All these are just a few examples of how we breathe incorrectly. While it is natural and healthy for the breath patterns to change as we experience different emotional and physiological states, what often happens is that we become habituated to breathing patterns that are constricted and indicate disregulation. This, in turn, has the effect of locking our system into a stress response.

According to several studies, 90% of us are dysfunctional breathers, with negative consequences for our health and wellbeing. Becoming aware of our patterns of breathing and changing them will help us live healthier and longer lives. 

"For breath is life,

so if you breathe well

you will live long on Earth"
Sanskrit Proverb


Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork sessions can be in group or one-on-one and they are divided in three parts : 

1. An initial conversation to explore together what's alive and poignant for you in the case of private sessions, an initial sharing of intentions in the case of group sessions,

2. The Breathwork section of the session which usually lasts about 40 minutes,

3. A brief integration and discussion about what happened.

Sessions last 1 to 2 hours.

I work with people on a sliding scale as I believe everyone who feels called to try a session should be able to afford it. 

For more information about my offerings,

email me. 


"Through breathwork, Ilaria has helped me process difficult emotions, both on the surface and in subconscious layers, bringing me closer to where I may be holding them in my body. She is an excellent guide to building my relation to the breath and its healing properties."

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