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Robert Lugo


"Ilaria is a phenomenal breathwork guide and one of the best healing practitioners I've worked with in any field. Breathwork can be an intense, emotionally raw experience, bringing me face to face with areas of my psyche I typically avoid and that have been barriers to growth for years. Ilaria provides a profound sense of safety and support when that journey is hard, and the insight to push through a healthier, happier, and more resilient version of myself. I could not recommend her more highly."


Carolyn Fulton

"Ilaria, oh my goodness. You have a stunning gift. You hold people when we need to be held. And you have insight and intuition to hold open doors we might be kicking at and make it feel (and be) safe to explore opening them." 

Crystal Penalosa



"Through breathwork, Ilaria has helped me process difficult emotions, both on the surface and in subconscious layers, bringing me closer to where I may be holding them in my body. She is an excellent guide to building my relation to the breath and its healing properties."


Josh Lavine

Enneagram coach

"Ilaria facilitated me in my first breathwork journey when I was recovering from a really hard breakup. She was miraculuous and attuned to me at an extraordinary level of depth. My session with her set in motion a quantum leap in my healing and continued to work inside me for weeks. You should run, not walk, to do breathwork, and you should do it with Ilaria." 



Ben Goldman

Founder/Ceo Nature Breakthroughs LLC

"Ilaria Chiantore-Luckovich is an amazingly talented coach, applying her broad and deep training with immaculate sensitivity. She was very helpful in getting me to stay grounded in my body while working on my blind spots. I highly recommend her for helping you get unstuck, move to the next level, or whatever coaching you need for your personal self development goals."

Female Client

yoga teacher


"Ilaria is a truly gifted coach. She is real, warm, fiercely loving, and dedicated to supporting her clients in finding and living their truth. She always asked the right questions and gave thoughtful, intentional exercises and homework that helped me transform my day to day experience. I felt seen and understood, and was therefore able to push myself to take risks and create change in my life. I am forever thankful that I chose to work with her." 



Dario Sirabella

biomedical research scientist


"Ilaria is a very unique breath coach, amazingly good in making the breathwork process extremely natural for you. She makes you feel comfortable since the very beginning so that you can find your path and at the same time you feel that you can rely on her constant presence and support. To me she has the rare capability of leading you and being neutral at the same time."


Richard Misiura


"My name is Richard and I am 58 years old. I have been involved in several forms of therapy and have pursued a spiritual path as well. I have been working with Ilaria for about 9 months and the benefits have been by my measure nothing short of amazing. The depths to which working with Ilaria has brought me are sometimes startling. The self recognition and the altering of old unserving patterns has happened, it seems, almost in a condensed process. I can’t say enough as to how pleased I am with Ilaria and the breathwork we have been practicing."


Melisa Figueroa



"I attended Ilaria's breathwork experience at the Woom Center in New York. The space was really relaxing and Ilaria made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. It was a very psychedelic experience. I felt so many physical sensations. The playlist she made was amazing and really amplified the session. I plan to continue doing breathwork and hope to explore other deep states in the future."


Julieta Valera
teacher & artist 

"Ilaria is a compassionate and wise healer. I have had her as my therapist for over a year. She has tracked my experiences, and held space for me with supportive affirmations. My time with her is sacred among the craziness that life can be. She has gone above and beyond traveling very far to offer me therapeutic sessions, with flexibility and accountability. I have learned a lot about myself and breath work in her presence. I would recommend her to anyone interested in a uniquely introspective and adaptable styles of therapy, that implement connection to embodiment through breath, as well as verbal processing."


"I first met Ilaria during a group breathwork session. I felt stuck and lost, and I will never forget her presence on that day. She came to me and asked what I was experiencing. Her wisdom, kindness, and deep knowledge of the human spirit guided me safely through what would have otherwise been a challenging and uncomfortable experience. Since that first day, Ilaria has become one of the people I trust the most in my life. Not only she does intimately understand old wisdoms such as the chakras, energy work, the Enneagram, and the human experience in general, she also is a skilled and talented life coach, and she is able to integrate those two things to be one of the best supports I have ever known. I would whole-heartedly recommend working with her to anyone."


Natalie Pigulskaya
dietitian nutritionist

"My first eve Breathwork session was a group session led by Ilaria and it was an amazing experience! It is hard to put into words but what I felt was an intense emotional release that I had never experienced in that way before. As for Ilaria, she made me feel safe and her voice soothed me. Next time, I would love to do a private session with her!

Valentina Del Pero (Italian)


Il breathwork è stato per me una scoperta inaspettata in un periodo molto difficile della mia vita. In davvero poco tempo mi ha insegnato ad entrare in contatto con emozioni che prima non riuscivo ad identificare e a sciogliere nodi importanti, sia a livello psicologico che fisico. La sensazione di pace e connessione che si prova dopo le sessioni è qualcosa di indescrivibile e mistico.

Ilaria mi ha guidato in questo viaggio di scoperta e guarigione con cura, dedizione e amore, prendendomi per mano e facendomi sentire al sicuro, nessuno meglio di lei avrebbe saputo farlo, vi auguro di incontrarla sulla vostra strada.

Monica Spano (Italian)

Ho sperimentato il breathwork con Ilaria in due sessioni di gruppo.

L'atmosfera che lei è riuscita a creare è stata molto suggestiva e ha facilitato l'abbandonarsi all'esperienza: il setting, le musiche  e la sua conduzione hanno reso questo viaggio alla ricerca di un contatto con me stessa, semplice e profondo.

Tra i tanti lavori che ho sperimentato, è certamente quello che più mi ha fatto sentire connessa col mio essere più autentico e con l'intero universo.

Un'esperienza da provare, assolutamente!

Grazie Ilaria!

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