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About Ilaria 

Ilaria is a pioneering guide in the world of Breathwork, an evolving field she embraced due to an undying passion for healing and transformation. Over a decade ago, she took a leap into the unknown, surrendering the safety net of tradition and stability for the uncharted territories of Breathwork therapy, a move that resonates with her way of being.

Born and raised in Italy, where she obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology at La Sapienza, Rome, Ilaria’s quest for knowledge and experience led her to the United States. Here she acquired fluency in English and developed a deep mastery in somatic work.

Ilaria’s work is grounded in scientific rigor, yet she is aware that some aspects of Breathwork are still under-explored in large-scale studies. This makes her dedicated to demonstrating the discipline’s potential through her sessions and studies. She invites curiosity and skepticism with open arms, encouraging individuals to personally experience the transformative power of Breathwork.

Ilaria's blend of Breathwork, Enneagram, Integral coaching, and Gurdjieff’s teachings makes her a unique beacon in the realm of holistic healing. Her personal journey, professional expertise, and deep commitment to her craft not only mark her out as a trailblazer but also ensure her clients embark on transformative journeys towards a more present, grounded, and powerful way of being.

Integral to Ilaria’s approach is her profound connection with the teachings of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, a Greek Armenian mystic from the 1800s. She has been a practitioner of Gurdjieff's Fourth Way for years, a philosophy that focuses on developing true presence in the mind, body, and heart amidst the routine of everyday life. 

Furthermore, Ilaria’s in-depth study of the Enneagram since she was seventeen and her certification in Integral Coaching acquired in 2016 complement her Breathwork practice. According to the Enneagram, different personalities have a dominant center of intelligence - the body, the mind, or the heart - and understanding and balancing the use of these centers is key to realizing one's true self. While she refrains from assigning personality types to her clients, the knowledge of the Enneagram certainly informs her work and facilitates the integration of the powerful breakthroughs that happen during the sessions, while Integral Coaching is instrumental in offering practices that her clients can do on their own.


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