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Ilaria Chiantore

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Breathworker & Integral Coach

Breath is our primary source of nourishment,

without which we can survive only for a couple of minutes. 
Breath is life, but, like life,

we often take it for granted.

When we inhale, we provide oxygen and therefore fuel to our organism. When we exhale we release carbon dioxide and with it, we release stale energy.

Breathing, when rendered conscious, can be used as a medicine, to help us regulating our minds and bodies,

thus improving our sense of wellbeing.

Breathwork is a simple, yet powerful discipline

that uses conscious circular breathing

to promote a life that is not just about surviving, but about thriving and about becoming more intimate and in tune with ourselves, on a physical, mental, and emotional level.





I combine Integrative Breathwork with my background

in psychology, coaching, and the studies of the Enneagram,

in a holistic approach that helps you get in touch

with your true nature and uncover your potential.



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If you are curious about how the breath can be a meaningful tool for your growth and transformation, contact me for a free introductory call.


  • general wellbeing

  • breaking from habitual patterns

  • healing traumas

  • access to non-ordinary states of consciousness

  • reduced tension in the body

  • processing of difficult emotions

  • more self-awareness 

  • better relationship with oneself and others 

Julieta Valera

"Ilaria is a compassionate and wise healer. I have had her as my therapist for over a year. She has tracked my experiences, and held space for me with supportive affirmations. My time with her is sacred among the craziness that life can be. I have learned a lot about myself and breath work in her presence. I would recommend her to anyone interested in a uniquely introspective and adaptable styles of therapy, that implement connection to embodiment through breath, as well as verbal processing."

Carolyn Fulton

"Ilaria, oh my goodness. You have a stunning gift. You hold people when we need to be held. And you have insight and intuition to hold open doors we might be kicking at and make it feel (and be) safe to explore opening them." 

Josh Lavine

"Ilaria facilitated me in my first breathwork journey when I was recovering from a really hard breakup. She was miraculous and attuned to me at an extraordinary level of depth. My session with her set in motion a quantum leap in my healing and continued to work inside me for weeks. You should run, not walk, to do breathwork, and you should do it with Ilaria." 

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